Dr. Goodpet 的 外 國 用 家 滿 心 喜 悅 地 分 享 使 用 產 品 的 好 處 , 建 議 閣 下 購 買 Dr. Goodpet 產 品 前 , 細 心 閱 讀 他 們 的 分 享 , 讓 你 更 明 白 是 否 適 合 家 的 寵 物 。 歡 迎 香 港 Dr. Goodpet 用 家 分 享 寵 物 使 用 產 品 後 的 喜 信 !!

Flea Relief

1. "I've been using the Flea Relief for a few months now on my Shar-Pei. With all his wrinkles, I could not get rid of the fleas -- even with the flea-control pills from the vet. I ordered the Flea Relief... and I like it so well, I now order two bottles at a time. The dog is flea free. took him to be groomed and the lady couldn't believe it! She told me she didn't think he'd ever be rid of them. I recommend Flea Relief to everyone!"

- B.C., Tamaroa, IL. ( 沙 皮 身 上 有 頑 固 蝨 頑 , 用 了 Flea Relief 效 果 令 人 滿 意 。 )

2. "Thank you for your products. I used the scratch free and the flea relief on my 8 year old springer spaniel. I'm not finished yet with my first bottles but just wanted you to know he's doing great! I have been so frustrated for a long time with his skin problems. We don't even know what he's allergic to but he would always have yeast and bacterial infections on his skin and was always treated with Cephalexin and Prednisone and Ketoconozole. I was so sick of those treatments because I thought he was just getting more unhealthy all the time. Now, his skin is pink and young looking on his belly and it just looks like he has new skin. I now have hope of not having to use antibiotics on him anymore. Thanks"

- L. FL ( 這 位 主 人 同 時 在 犬 隻 身 上 使 用 Scratch Free 及 Flea Relief ( 皮 膚 如 獲 重 生 )
Scratch Free

3."I wanted to let you know that after 3 doses of Scratch Free, my dog has a different personality! She used to bite her hot spots all day long and now she is more playful, like a true dog. Thank you!!!!"

- K.M., Skokie, IL ( 有 效 治 療 頑 固 熱 點 )

4."Your product Scratch Free was a Godsend for my Abyssinian cat, who is plagued by allergy symptoms in the spring and fall. Thank you".

- B.J., NY, New York ( 對 貓 兒 敏 感 症 狀 亦 非 常 有 效 )
Calm Stress

5."My little terrier used to pee every time someone came over, now thanks to Calm Stress, that problem is history!"

- M.Z. Hawthorne, CA

6."I have great results with your Calm Stress. I use it whenever I get a nervous kitty in the show hall that needs a little something until he gets used to what it's all about. It makes it a lot easier on the cat and me."

- L.L., Abyssinian breeder
Diar Relief

7."My little cat is 17 years old and had gotten down to skin and bone. He was having long periodic bout of diarrhea, contantly hungry but eating a lot without gaining any weight. I've used this product and the Feline Enzymes for only 7 meals and what a difference! His fur is getting sleek again, he can stand on his hind legs and the diarhea has stopped. Thanks so much!"

- P.G., Minnesota ( 年 長 貓 貓 有 肚 瀉 問 題 , 時 常 飢 餓 但 體 重 沒 有 上 升 , 餵 飼 止 瀉 內 服 劑 及 貓 用 益 體 消 化 樂 , 腹 瀉 問 題 終 得 解 決 )
Ear Relief

8. "My German Shepherd's ears were constantly getting this foul-smelling gunk build up. After I started using Ear Relief, it stopped and hasn'tcome back. Kudos, Dr. G!"

- J.N., Culver City, CA ( 德 國 牧 羊 犬 耳 內 有 嚴 重 臭 味 的 耳 垢 , 使 用 產 品 後 , 問 題 不 再 )

9. "I have a 4 yr. old basset who was having trouble with his ear. It would hurt when cleaned, you could not even touch or rub the one ear. I found your Ear Relief medication at a drug store here and tried it. Well, after just 2 applications, he is doing better, the ear can now be touched and cleaned. Thanks again!".

- Mrs. K and Barney Boy ( 巴 薩 克 犬 耳 朵 出 現 問 題 , 拒 絕 主 人 觸 摸 。用 Ear Relief 後 , 可 讓 主 人 觸 摸 及 清 潔 )

10."I recently purchased your product Good Breath for my dog who is old whose breath smelled like a sewer! After I started using Good Breath on her the odor disappeared and now people can pet her without holding their breath. Good Breath is a fine product and I certainly will purchase more".

( 主 人 形 容 自 己 的 犬 隻 如 污 水 渠 一 樣 臭 , 用 了 Good Breath 後 , 其 他 人 也 非 常 願 意 親 近 牠 。 )
Good Breath

11. "I hadn't been able to cuddle with my cat for years until I found Good Breath, now we can watch TV together again!"

says BR, Miami, FL. ( 主 人 很 外 沒 有 摟 著 貓 兒 玩 樂 , 原 因 牠 是 口 氣 太 嚴 重 。 用 了Good Breath , 問題 不 在 。 )

12. Hello, I purchased your arthritis product 6 weeks ago and gave it to my cat for 4 weeks. I have seen such a dramatic improvement in her overall mobility and health - she's been playing again! As a co-owner of an exclusive feline boarding facility, I am happy to have such a great product to recommend to our customers with older or ailing cats!"

- L.B. Galveston, TX. ( 外 國 一 位 貓 傢 具 商 人 , 為 貓 兒 購 買Arthritis Relief , 牠 使 用 四 星 期 後 , 可 以 玩 耍 自 如 。 主 人 亦 因 此 推 薦 自 己 的 貓 友 試 用 。 )


13. "My 15-year-old cat no longer has watery eyes. Thank you so much"

- wrote GK of Chandler, AZ ( 解 決 了 貓 貓 多 眼 水 的 問 題 )

14. "The drops have been wonderful for our 12-year-old Weimaraner's eyes,"

- said JF, of Saxonburg, PA, an Eye-C customer for years.

Maximum Protection

15. " I have been using it for about three years now, and my two dogs seem to get healthier and healthier. Your vitamins showed almost immediate results: gleam in their eyes, white strong teeth, soft and fluffy fur and a shine to it (they are red poodles and it is hard to get a shine in their fur), and their nails -- they grow so fast and strong. Even their nails shine! Also, they never get fleas or ticks. Their skin is soft and supple -- never any dryness or flaking."

- LC, Parsippany, NJ. ( 主 人 已 餵 飼 Maximum Protection給 兩 隻 紅 色 貴 婦 犬 三 年 , 毛 髮 充 滿 光 澤 , 牙 齒 、 眼 睛 及 指 甲 均 非 常 健 康 )

16."My finicky Chihuahuas love it. Their coats look great since I started. No more dry coats. Less scratching."

- J.H., Arcadia, CA. ( 口 味 挑 剔 的 芝 娃 娃 也 喜 歡Max Pro , 進 食 後 皮 毛 不 再 乾 燥 痕 癢 ) - J.H., Arcadia, CA
Golden Age

17. Optimu "My cat is doing so well on your product." J.F., Lewisville, TX

18. "It's done my Pekingese a world of good." C.M., Thomasville, GA

19."It's like I have a new dog. The turnaround was so fast and so positive." A.F., Los Angeles, CA
Optimum Growth

20..I breed Bull Terriers. Before using your vitamins, our mortality rate was 50%, now we haven't lost a puppy in 2 years!"

- H.W. Delaware, OH ( 一 位 布 爹 利 繁 殖 者 在 未 試 用 Optimum Growth 前 , 嬰 兒 夭 折 率 達 50% 。 使 用 後 , 兩 年 內 在 沒 有 狗 BB 夭 折 )

21."... thanks for your wonderful products"

- A.K. Burlingame, CA

22."My old ShiTzu/Yorkie mix has been sick for two years. She has chewed and scratched herself silly. She has smelled so bad you couldn't be in the same room with her. I started giving her Treatamin about a month ago. She's a different dog. She doesn't scratch or smell anymore. She's bouncing like a puppy again."

- D.R., New Palestine, IN. ( 一 隻 年 長 的 西 施 約 瑟 混 種 犬 兩 年 間 體 弱 多 病 , 進 食 維 Treatamin後 , 身 體 強 壯 不 少 。 )
Mobility Formula

23.I heard about your mobility product on the radio, so I ordered some for my little Shih-Tzu. She had been crying every time she had to jump off the bed. Now, she scampers up and down like a puppy. It has made a big difference." ( 西 施 起 初 有 困 難 , 進 食 Mobility Formula 活 動 變 得 很 靈 活 )

- S.V. Ann Arbor, MI

Feline Enzyme

24.My cat had a voracious appetite but was very thin and cried all the time. Within 3 days of giving her your digestive enzymes, she stopped crying, calmed down and started gaining weight. Your products are a blessing".

- C.L., Centralia, WA ( 貓 貓 胃 口 大 但 體 型 瘦 削 , 在 牠 的 飲 食 中 加 上 Enzyme , 體 重 漸 漸 上 升 )

25."I started giving my cats the digestive enzymes and noticed an immediate improvement in their coats and also their gingivitis,"

- W.A., Brookfield, MA ( 貓 貓 進 食 Enzyme , 皮 毛 和 牙 肉 問 題 都 有 改 善 ) Canine Enzyme

26."Our GSD is a working bomb dog and loved pet. He has EPI and these enzymes work wonders for us. I am keeping a two year supply on hand at all times."

- W.T., Chagrin Falls, OH

Hot Pants

"...your 'Hot Pants' are wonderful!"

- C.S. Carson, CA

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